How to Choose the Best ADHC

Because you & your loved ones deserve the best quality care that there is available, we strongly suggest to interview all ADHC’s available in your geographical area.  We firmly believe that once your compare the quality of our services to our competitors AND attain results from the information below you will choose OUR center, as so many other individuals have, and be satisfied with your decision.

Here is the list of questions you should ask before you make any decision:

  • What are the staffing to patient ratios?
  • How long has the center been in operation?
  • Did change of ownership ever take place since the center was first licensed?
  • Is the center for sale currently?
  • What is the total number of employees on the center’s payroll?
  • How many employees have been with the center for more than eight years?
  • How many buses are used for transportation needs & how many of them are equipped with wheelchair lifts?
  • How many RNs, Physical & Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Social Workers, & Program Aides are employed by the center?  Are they employed Full Time or Part Time?

Why Among Friends ADHC is your best choice


Among Friends ADHC

State Requirements

Registered Nurses 1 per 30 participants 1 per 40 participants
Social Workers 1 per 30 participants 1 per 40 participants
Program Aides 1 per 9 participants 1 per 16 participants
  • Among Friends ADHC has been operating at the same location, under the same management since it was first licensed on March 19, 2001;
  • We employ over 60 employees and more then 50% of them have been with the center for more then six years;
  • Over 70% of our staff are employed on a full time basis;
  • We are centrally located in Downtown Oxnard providing close proximity to several geographical areas;
  • We offer a culturally diverse program representing many ethnicities and languages;
    • We consistently receive high accolades from our licensing agencies for our quality of services (CA. Dept of Health Care Services, CA. Dept of Education, CHP, CA. Dept of Aging, and Medi-Cal);
    • Highly recognized amongst community organizations as a provider of quality services with proven results.
    • We operate a fleet of 12 vehicles equipped with wheelchair lifts;
    • And most importantly, we provide the best quality of care by maintaining one of the highest staff to patient ratios among all ADHC’s in the State of California in Nursing, Social Work and Program Aide Departments.  Our staffing arrangements exceed the State requirements because we strive for excellence.